Abbreviations Found on Headstones

    Here is a listing of some abbreviations that you will find on headstones. Some you may already know, but there are a lot you have probably never even heard of!

    Please feel free to print this list to take with you to a cemetery so you will have a better understanding of the information our ancestors left behind...

    ad patres - "To the fathers", dead or gone away.
    anno aetatis suae (A.A.S.) - In the year of her/his age
    anno Domini (A.D.) - In the year of our Lord
    annos vixit (a.v.) - He/she lived [so many years]
    beatae memoriae (B.M.) - Of blessed memory
    Dei gratia - By the grace of God
    Dei gratias - Thanks be to God
    Deo, Optimo, Maximo (D.O.M.) - To God, the Best, the Greatest (motto of the Benedictine order)
    Domino, Optimo, Maximo (D.O.M.) - The Lord, the Best, the Greatest.(alternate motto)
    Gloria in Excelsis Deo - Glory be to God, the Most High
    hic iacet or hic jacet (H.I.) - Here lies (Ancient Latin has no letter "J": the letter was 
    added later)
    hic iacet sepultus (H.I.S.) - Here lies buried
    hic sepultus (H.S.) - Here is buried
    Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum (I.N.R.I.) - Jesus Christ, King of the Jews
    in hoc salus (I.H.S.) - There is safety in this. 
    in hoc signo spes mea (I.H.S.) - In this sign (the cross of Christ) is my hope
    in hoc signos vinces (I.H.S.) - By this sign you will conquer. 
    laus Deo - Praise be to God
    memento mori - "Remember you must die". 
    obiit (ob.) - He/she died
    requiescat in pace (R.I.P.) - May he/she rest in peace
    requiescant in pace (R.I.P.) - May they rest in peace
    requiescit in pace (R.I.P.) - He/she rest in peace
    Verbi Dei Minister (V.D.M.) - Minister of the Word of God 
    Angels - Angels mean spirituality and they guard the tomb.
    Bible - A single Holy Bible is often found on Christian stones.
    Holy Books (2) - on Mormon headstones indicates the Bible and the Book of
    Holy Books (3) - on Mormon Headstones, these indicate The Scripture of the
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - the Bible, Book of Mormon, and
    Doctrine & Covenants.
    Chalice - Usually used to represent the Sacraments.
    Crescent - the deceased was probably a Muslim.
    Crown - The soul's achievement and the Glory of life after death.
    Cross - the Cross is an emblem of faith. There are many different types of
    crosses and each may mean something different. For a good explanation of the
    various types of crosses, see, a
    part of The City of the Silent.
    Heart (Sacred) - Usually found in Catholic cemeteries, this heart refers to
    the suffering of Christ for our sins.
    Menorah - An emblem of Judaism
    Star of David or Mogen David - Recognized as the international symbol of
    Arrow - Mortality
    Broken Column - This image represents the decay. It usually represents the
    loss of the Family head.
    Candle being Snuffed - Loss of life.
    Coffin - mortality.
    Figure with Dart - Mortality
    Grim Reaper - Death personified.
    Hourglass - Time has run out.
    Scythe - An instrument of the harvest, death cuts us down.
    Skull and or Skull/ Crossed Bones - Death.
    Spade or Crossed Spade and Shovel - Death
    Trade and Occupation: (emblems that MIGHT indicate a person's occupation in
    Barber Bowl (for bleeding) & Razor.
    Butcher - an axe, steel knife and cleaver.
    Farmer: - Coulter (type of hoe), flail (threshing implement), swingletree
    (rod for beating flax), stalk of corn.
    Gardener - Rake & Spade.
    Mason - Wedge & Level
    Mariner: - Anchor, Sextant & Cross Staff.
    Merchant - Scales, some type of sign.
    Minister - Bible
    Shoemaker - Leather cutter's Knife, Nippers, Sole cutter & Awl
    Smith - Crown, Hammer & Anvil
    Teacher - Open Book.
    Weaver - Loom, Shuttle & Stretchers.
    Wright - (a worker skilled in the manufacture especially of wooden
    objects --usually used in combination   - Compasses
    Resurrection, Eternal Life, Immortality:
    Angel, Flying or Trumpeting - Rebirth; Resurrection.
    Bird or Bird Flying - Eternal life, Resurrection.
    Cross: - The Cross means resurrection to many Christians.
    Dove, Flying - Resurrection.
    Flame, Light, Lamp or Torch: - Immortality of the Spirit, Resurrection.
    Garland or Wreath - Symbol of saintliness and glory, Victory in death.
    Horns -- The Resurrection
    Ivy - Immortality
    Rooster- Awakening; Resurrection.
    Star - Death could not overpower the Light of the Spirit which still shines
    in the darkness.
    Sun - A symbol of light and warmth, renewed life and life everlasting.
    Trumpeters -- Harbingers of the Resurrection
    Urn - Immortality (The storing of the vital organs was of extreme importance
    to the ancient Egyptians who believed that life would be restored through
    the vital organs placed in the urn).
    Birds - Eternal life or resurrection.
    Butterfly - Short-life.
    Dog - Implies a good master worthy of love.
    Dove - Seen in both Christian and Jewish cemeteries, the dove means
    innocence and/ or peace.
    Lamb - Usually marks the grave of a child and means Innocence.
    Lion - The Lion's eternal watch guards the tomb and stands for Courage.
    Rooster - Awakening; Resurrection.
    Fruits -- Eternal plenty as in the fruit of life.
    Full-Blown Rose - The deceased died in the prime of life
    Ivy -- Ivy stands for friendship and also immortality.
    Laurel -- A symbol of worldly accomplishment and heroism.
    Lily - The virgins' flower and also the symbol of innocence and purity.
    Morning Glory - Signifies the beginning of Life
    Oak., Oak Leaves and Acorn - Oak leaves on tombs can stand for power,
    authority or victory. Often seen on Military tombs.
    Palm Branch - Signifies Victory and Rejoicing
    Poppy - Eternal Sleep.
    Roses - Roses signify completion and the brevity of earthly existence.
    Rosemary - Rosemary is for remembrance. Thistles can also stand for
    Thistle - Deceased was of Scottish descent.
    Tree or Trees
    A Tree stands for life.
    A Tree Sprouting stands for life everlasting.
    Tree Trunk stands for the brevity of life.
    Stones shaped liked Tree Stumps usually signify that the deceased was a
    member of The Woodmen of the World
    Weeping Willow Tree - Perpetual Mourning; Grief.
    Wheat Strands or Sheaves - The divine harvest.
    Broken Ring -- The family circle has been severed.
    Cherub - Cherubs are angelic and signify innocence.
    Crossed Swords - Military person of high rank.
    Hands in cemeteries are usually in one of the following four positions;
    clasping, praying, pointing, and blessing.
    Hand, Pointing Up - Pathway to heaven.
    Hands, Clasped - Farewells or the bond of marriage
    Hands, Praying - Asking God for Eternal life.
    Hands, Blessing - Blessing of those left behind.
    Harp - Praise to the God.
    Heart - Love. Stylized hearts stand for the affection of the living for the
    dead. Two joined hearts on a stone mark a marriage,
    Rod or Staff - Comfort for the bereaved.
    Stars and Stripes Around Eagle -- Eternal vigilance and liberty. Often seen
    on military markers.
    Urn with Flame -- Undying remembrance
    Initials of Fraternal Organizations:
    AOH- Ancient Order of Hibernians
    BPOE- Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks
    CAR- Children of the American Revolution
    DAR- Daughters of the American Revolution
    FOE- Fraternal Order of Eagles
    FOP- Fraternal Order of Police
    F&AM- Free and Accepted Masons
    GAR- Grand Army of the Republic
    I.O.R.M.- Improved Order of Red Men
    IOF- Independant Order of Foresters
    IOOF- Independant Order of Odd Fellows
    IOJD- International Order of Job's Daughters
    J.O.A.M.- Junior Order of American Mechanics
    J.O.U.A.M.- Junior Order of United American Mechanics
    K.of C.- Knights of Columbus
    K.of P.- Knights of Pythias
    KT- Knights Templar
    LOM- Loyal Order of Moose
    M.W.A. Modern Woodmen of America
    N.O.W. Neighbors of Woodcraft
    RA- Royal Academy
    RA- Royal Arcanum
    R.A.M.- Royal Arch Masons
    *R.N.A. Royal Neighbors of America
    SAR- Sons of the American Revolution
    S.F.W.C. Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle
    U.S.A.- United States Army
    U.S.A.F.- United States Air Force
    U.S.M.C.- United States Marine Corp
    U.S.N.- United States Navy
    YMCA- Young Men's Christian Association
    YWCA- Young Women's Christian Association
    W.C. Woodmen Circle
    W.O.W. Woodmen of the World
    W.O.W. Women of Woodcraft
    AAONMS Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Masonic) ("The
    AASR Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (Masonic)
    ABA American Benefit Association
    AF&AM Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
    AMD Allied Masonic Degree
    AMORC Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis(Rosicrucians)
    AMOS Ancient Mystic Order of Samaritans (see IOOF)
    AOF Ancient Order Of Foresters
    AOH Ancient Order Of Hibernians
    AOKMC Ancient Order Of Knights of Mystic Chain
    AOUW Ancient Order Of United Workmen
    ALOH American Legion of Honor
    APA American Protective Association
    AUM Ancient Order of Mysteries (MASONS)
    AUSA Association of the United States Army
    AUV Association of Union Veterans
    BARE Benefit Association Of Railway Employees
    BAY Brotherhood of American Yeomen
    BKA Benevolent Knights Association
    BKofM Black Knights of Molders
    BPOE Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
    BPOEW Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World
    BofRTM Brotherhood of Rail Road Track Men
    BLE Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
    BLF&E Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Engineers
    BRT Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen
    CBL Catholic Benevolent Legion
    CD of A Catholic Daughters of America
    CKofA Catholic Knights of America
    CMBA Catholic Mutual Benefit Association
    COOF Catholic Order of Foresters
    CTAS Catholic Total Abstinence Society
    CBKA Commandery Benevolent Knights Association
    CCTAS Crusaders-Catholic Total Abstinence Society
    DAC Daughters of the American Colonists
    DAR (NSDAR) National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
    DAV Disabled American Veterans
    D of A Daughters of America
    DoL Daughters of Liberty
    DAN Daughters of the Nile (Masonic)
    DOKK Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan (Knights of Pythias)
    DOLLUS Dames of the Loyal Legion of the United States
    DUV Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
    ECV E Clampus Vitus
    EAU Equitable Aid Union
    EBA Emerald Beneficial Association
    FAM Free and Accepted Masons
    F&AM Free and Accepted Masons
    FCB Knights of Pythias
    FLT Independent Order of Odd Fellows
    FOE Fraternal Order of Eagles
    FOAST Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers
    FOF Fraternal Order of Firefighters
    FOP Fraternal Order of Police
    GALSTPTR German American Legion of St. Peter
    GAR Grand Army of the Republic
    GLAUM Grand Lodge Ancient Order of Mysteries- Masonic Order
    GLDS Grand Lodge Daughters of Scotia
    GUOOF Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
    HZ Haro Zaro
    IBBH International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths and Helpers
    ICBU Irish Catholic Benevolent Union
    IHSV Red Cross of Constantine
    IOA International Order of Alhambra
    IODE Independent Order, Daughters of the Empire
    IOGT International Order of Good Templars
    IOH Improved Order of Heptasophs
    IOHH International Order of Hoo-Hoo
    IOI Independent Order of Immaculates
    IOKP Independent Order of Knights of Pythias
    IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows
    IOOF-PM Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Past Master
    ISH Independent Sons of Honor
    IOStL Independent Order of St. Luke
    IOF Independent Order of Foresters
    IORM Improved Order of Redmen (Sons of Liberty)
    IOR Independent Order of Rechabites
    IOV International Order of Vikings
    IUOM Independent United Order of Mechanics
    IWW Industrial Workers of the World
    IOF Independent Order of Foresters
    IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows
    IOJD Independent Order of Job's Daughters
    IORG International Order of Rainbow Girls (Masonic)
    ISDA Italian Sons and Daughters of America
    JOAM Junior Order of American Mechanics
    JOUAM Junior Order of United American Mechanics
    JAOUW Junior Order-Ancient Order of United Workmen
    JOUAM Junior Order-Order of United American Mechanics
    KC Knights of Columbus
    KGC Knights of the Golden Chain
    KGC Knights of the Golden Circle
    KGE Knights of the Golden Eagle
    KGL Knight Grand Legion
    KLH Knights and Ladies of Honor
    KM Knights Militant (See KKK)
    KofC Knights of Columbus
    KofFM Knights of Father Matthew
    KFM Knights of Father Matthew
    KofH Knights of Honor
    KOL Knights of Labor
    KofL Knights of Loyola
    KM Knights of Malta (Masonic)
    KMC Knights of the Mystic Chain
    KOTM Knights of the Macabees
    KPC Knights of Peter Claver
    KofTM Knights of the Macabees
    KP Knights of Pythias
    KofP Knights of Pythias
    KSC Knights of St. Columbkille
    KG Knights of St. George
    KSTG Knights of St. George
    KSTI Knights of St. Ignatius
    KofSJ Knights of St. John
    KSTJ Knights of St. Joseph
    KSL Knights of St. Lawrence
    KSTM Knights of St. Martin
    KofSTP Knights of St. Patrick
    KSTP Knights of St. Paul
    KSTP Knights of St. Peter
    KSTT Knights of St. Thomas
    KofSTW Knights of St. Wenceslas
    KT Knights of Tabor
    KofT Knights of Tabor
    KT Knights Templars (Masonic)
    KWM Knights of Wise Men
    KGE Knights of Golden Eagle
    KHC Knights of Holy Cross
    KKK Knights of Klu-Klux Klan
    KOTM Knights of Macabees
    KSF Knights of Sherwood Forest
    LAOH Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
    LDG Independent Order of Foresters
    LGAR Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic
    LKofA Loyal Knights of America
    LOL Loyal Order Orange Lodge (The Orange Order){Orange Men}
    LOM Legion of the MOOSE
    LOOM Loyal Order of the MOOSE
    LOVUS Legion of Valor of the United States
    MBS Mutual Benefit Society
    MOLLUS Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
    MOOSE Loyal Order of the Moose
    MOPH Military Order of the Purple Heart
    MOVPER Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Mystic Realm (Grotto)
    MRA Royal Arcanum
    MCL Marine Corps League
    MWA Modern Woodmen of America
    NCOA Non-Commissioned Officers Association (Military Society)
    NEOP New England Order of Protection
    NOK New Order Knights (see KKK)
    NL Navy League
    NSDAR National Society Daughters of American Revolution
    NSSUP National Society Sons of Utah Pioneers
    NU National Union
    OofA Order of Amaranth (Masonic)
    OCF Order of Chosen Friends
    OofUF Order of United Friends
    OGC Order of the Golden Cross
    ODHS Des Schwestern Verbandes (Sisters of the Federation
    OES Order of the Eastern Star
    OSC Order of Scottish Clans (St. Andrew's Societies)
    OUAM Order of United American Mechanics
    PFofA Patriotic Friends of America
    PH The Order of Patrons of Husbandry (The Grange)
    PM Patriarchs Militant (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
    POSA Patriotic Order of the Sons of America
    RA Royal Academy
    RA Royal Arcanum
    RAM Royal Arch Masons
    RC Republican Club
    RMOKHSJ The Religious and Military Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of
    RSGF Royal Society of Good Fellows
    RSM Royal and Select Masons
    ROJ Royal Order of Jesters (Masonic)
    RSTV Rite of St. Vaclara
    RSTV Rite of St. Vita
    RK Roman Knights
    RTT Royal Templars of Temperance
    SAR Sisters of the American Revolution
    SAR Sons of the American Revolution
    SBCL Saint Bonifazius Catholic Union
    SBL Society B. Lafayette
    SCV Sons of the Confederate Veterans
    SofE Sons of England
    SMAA Scandinavian Mutual Aid Association
    SNA-AUM Shrine of North America
    SR Scottish Rite (Masonic Order)
    SofSt.G Sons of St. George
    ST Sons of Temperance
    ST.G SoNY St. George's Society of New York
    SUVCW Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
    SV Sons of Veterans of the United States of America
    TCL Tall Ceders of Lebanon (Masonic)
    TH Temple of Honor and Temperance-Independent Order of Odd Fellows
    TPLF Temple of Honor and Temperance, IOOF
    TROA The Retired Officer's Association
    UAOD United Ancient Order of Druids
    UCV United Confederate Veterans
    UDC United Daughters of the Confederacy
    UFL Union Fraternal League
    UFM United Friends of Michigan
    UOPF United Order of Pilgrim Fathers
    VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
    WKSC White Knights of the Southern Cross (See KKK)
    WOW Woodmen of the World
    YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
    YWCA Young Women's Christian Association
    Initials after ancestors' names may provide useful information. The
    following list includes initials you may come across when reading old wills
    or other documents.
    a.a.s. died in the year of his/her age (anno aetitis suae) ( 86 y/o died in
    year 86)
    d.s.p. died without issue (decessit sine prole legitima)
    d.s.p.l. died without legitimate issue (decessit sine prole mascula
    d.s.p.m.s. died without surviving male issue (decessit sine prole mascula
    d.s.p.s died without surviving issue (decessit sine prole supersita)
    d.unm died unmarried
    d.v.p. died in the lifetime of his father (decessit vita patris)
    d.v.m. died in the lifetime of his mother (decessit vita matris)
    Et al and others (et alia)
    Inst present month (instans)
    Liber book or volume
    Nepos grandson
    Nunc Nuncapative will, an oral will, written by a witness
    Ob he/she died (obit)
    Rel. or Relict widow or widower (relicta/relictus)
    Res. or Residue widow or widower
    Sic so or thus, exact copy as written
    Testes witnesses
    Ult late (ultimo)
    Ux or vs wife (uxor)
    Viz namely (videlicet) 
    AB Able Seaman 
    Adjt Adjutant 
    Adj-Gen Adjutant-General 
    AF Admiral of the Fleet 
    AG Adjutant-General 
    AHC Army Hospital Corps 
    AIF Australian Imperial Forces 
    ANZAC Austrailian and New Zealand Army Corps 
    AO Army Order 
    AOC Army Ordnance Corps 
    AOD Army Ordanance Department 
    APM Assistant Provost-Marshal 
    APO Army Post Office 
    ASC Army Service Corps 
    AVD Army Veterinary Department 
    Bde Brigade 
    BEF British Expeditionary Force 
    Bn Battalion 
    Brig Brigadier 
    Brig-Gen Brigadier-General 
    BSC Bengal Staff Corps 
    Capt Captain 
    CF Chaplain to the Forces 
    C in C Commander in Chief 
    CO Commanding Officer 
    Col Colonel 
    Com Commander 
    Comdr Commander 
    Coy Company 
    Cpl Corporal 
    CS Colour Sergeant 
    CSM Company Sergeant Major 
    DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal 
    DFC Distinguished Flying Cross 
    DFM Distinguished Flying Medal 
    div Division 
    DL Deputy Lieutenant 
    DLI Durham Light Infantry 
    DSC Distinguished Service Cross 
    DSM Distinguished Service Medal 
    DSO Distinguished Service Order 
    EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force 
    FM Field Marshal 
    GHQ General Headquarters 
    GOC General Officer Commanding 
    GS General Staff 
    gn Gunner 
    HAC Honourable Artillery Company 
    HG Horse Guards 
    HLI Highland Light Infantry 
    HMAS His Majesty`s Australian Ship 
    HMCS His Majesy`s Canadian Ship 
    HMS His Majesty`s Ship 
    IA Indian Army 
    ID Intelligence Department 
    ISO Imperial Service Order 
    IY Imperial Yeomanry 
    KOSB King`s Own Scottish Borderers 
    KORL King`s Own Royal Lancashire/Lancaster Regiment 
    KOYLI King`s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 
    KRRC King`s Royal Rifle Corps 
    LD Light Dragoons 
    LI Light Infantry 
    Lr Lancer 
    Lt Lieutenant 
    Maj Major 
    MEF Mediterranean Expeditionary Force 
    MGC Machine Gun Corps 
    MM Military Medal 
    NCO Non-commissioned Officer 
    OD Ordinary Seaman 
    OS Ordinary Seaman 
    PM Provost-Marshal 
    QM Quarter-master 
    QMG Quartermaster-General 
    QMS Quartermaster-Sergeant 
    RA Rear Admiral 
    RA Royal Artillery 
    RAF Royal Air Force 
    RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps 
    RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps 
    RAPC Royal Army Pay Corps 
    RASC Royal Army Service Corps 
    RD Royal Dragoons 
    RE Royal Corps of Engineers 
    RFA Royal Field Artillery 
    RFC Royal Flying Corps 
    RGA Royal Garrison Artillery 
    Rgt Regiment 
    RHA Royal Horse Artillery 
    RHG Royal Horse Guards 
    RIM Royal Indian Marines 
    RM Royal Marines 
    RMA Royal Military Academy 
    RMA Royal Marine Artillery 
    RMC Royal Military College 
    RMLI Royal Marine Light Infantry 
    RN Royal Navy 
    RNAS Royal Naval Air Service 
    RNR Royal Naval Reserve 
    RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 
    RSM Regimental Sergeant-Major 
    RV Rifle Volunteers 
    SAA Small Arms Ammunition 
    SAS Special Air Sevice 
    SBS Special Boat Service 
    SC Staff-office Corps 
    SERG Sergeant 
    SM Sergeant-Major 
    SO Staff Officer 
    SQN Squadron 
    TA Territorial Army 
    TF Territorial Force 
    VC Victoria Cross 
    WAAC Women`s Army Auxillary Corps 
    WRAC Women`s Royal Army Corps 
    WAAC Women`s Army Auxillary Corps 
    WD War Department 
    WRAF Women`s Royal Air Force 
    WRNS Women`s Royal Naval Service 
    The medals and awards
    PH -- Purple Heart
    BSM -- Bronze Star Medal
    SSM -- Silver Star Medal
    DFC -- Distinguished Flying Cross
    AM -- Air Medal
    LOM -- Legion of Merit
    ACM -- Army Commendation Medal
    CSC -- Conspicuous Service Cross
    OLC -- preceded by a number-- Oak Leaf Cluster. This follows another award, such as 
    "DFC 2OLC" This means that the person received three Distinguished Flying Crosses. 
    The first is a medal with ribbon, and for subsequent awards of the same type, the Oak 
    Leaf Clusters are pinned on the first.
    V -- following another award means for Valor, such as AM-V is Air Medal for Valor.
    A -- following another award means for Achievment, such as AM-A for Air Medal for 
    Civil War Ranks 
    PVT Private
    PVT 1CL Private First Class
    LT Lieutenant
    CPT Captain
    1 LT First Lieutenant
    MAJ Major
    SGT Sergeant
    CPL Corporal
    COL Colonel
    BGEN Brigadier General
    BUGL Bugler
    DRUM Drummer
    HOSP Hosptal Steward
    MUS Musician
    QM Quartermaster
    SURG Surgeon
    WAG Wagoner
    Branch of Service
    ART Artillery
    AC Army Corps
    CAV Cavalry
    CT Colored Troops
    CTART Colored Troops ART
    CTCAV Colored Troops CAV
    CTHRT Colored Troops HART
    CTINF Colored Troops INF
    CTLRT Colored Troops LART
    DIV Division
    E&M Engineers / Miners
    HART Heavy Artillery
    HDQ Headquarters
    INF Infantry
    LART Light Artillery
    MC Medical Corps
    MAR Marines
    MIL Militia
    NAVY Navy
    SS Sharpshooters
    SC Signal Corps
    VOL Volunteers
    VRC Veteran Reserve
    Common Rank
    1CPL 1st Corporal
    1LT 1st Lieutenant
    1SGT 1st Sergeant
    2CPL 2nd Corporal
    2LT 2nd Lieutenant
    2SGT 2nd Sergeant
    3CPL 3rd Corporal
    3SGT 3rd Sergeant
    BBG Brevet BGEN
    BGEN Brigadier General
    BMG Brevet MGEN
    COL Colonel
    CPL Corporal
    CPT Captain
    CSGT Commissary SGT
    GEN General
    LGEN Lieutenant General
    LT Lieutenant
    LTC Lieutenant Colonel
    MAJ Major
    MGEN Major General
    OSGT Ordinance SGT
    PVT Private
    QSGT Quartermaster SGT
    SGM Sergeant Major
    SGT Sergeant
    Specialized and Naval Rank
    2ENG 2nd Engineer
    3ENG 3rd Engineer
    4ENG 4th Engineer
    AAQM Acting AQM
    AQM Assistant QM
    ARTF Artificer
    ASEA Able Seaman
    ASURG Assistant Surgeon
    B1C Boy 1st Class
    BSM Blacksmith
    BTSN Boatswain’s Mate
    BUGL Bugler
    CFENG Chief Engineer
    CHPL Chaplain
    CLHR Coal Heaver
    CMD Commander
    COMD Commodore
    COOK Cook
    COOP Cooper
    CPRM Carpenter’s Mate
    CPTR Carpenter
    DRUM Drummer
    ENS Ensign
    FAR Farrier
    FGOR Flag Officer
    FRMN Fireman
    GNMR Gunner’s Mate
    HOSP Hospital Steward
    LNDS Landsman
    LCMD Lieutenant CMD
    MSTR Master
    MUS Musician
    NUR Nurse
    OFST Officer’s Steward
    OLRS Oiler
    OSEA Ordinary Seaman
    PANT Painter
    PION Pioneer
    QM Quartermaster
    RADM Rear Admiral
    SADR Saddler
    SAIL Sailmaker
    SMRM Sailmaker’s Mate
    SPBY Ship’s Boy
    SSWD Ship’s Steward
    STKR Stoker
    SURG Surgeon
    TMST Teamster
    VADM Vice Admiral
    VSUR Veterinary Surgeon
    WAG Wagoner
    YOMN Yeoman
    YOSGL Yeoman of Signals
    State and Country
    AL Alabama
    AK Alaska
    AZ Arizona
    AR Arkansas
    CA California
    CO Colorado
    CT Connecticut
    DE Delaware
    FL Florida
    GA Georgia
    IA Iowa
    ID Idaho
    IL Illinois
    IN Indiana
    KS Kansas
    KY Kentucky
    LA Louisiana
    MA Massachusetts
    MD Maryland
    ME Maine
    MI Michigan
    MN Minnesota
    MO Missouri
    MS Mississippi
    MT Montana
    NC North Carolina
    ND North Dakota
    NE Nebraska
    NH New Hampshire
    NJ New Jersey
    NV Nevada
    NY New York
    OH Ohio
    OK Oklahoma
    OR Oregon
    PA Pennsylvania
    RI Rhode Island
    SC South Carolina
    SD South Dakota
    TN Tennessee
    TX Texas
    UT Utah
    VA Virginia
    VT Vermont
    WA Washington
    WI Wisconsin
    WV West Virginia
    WY Wyoming
    DC District Columbia
    US United States
    CAN Canada
    AUS Australia
    MEX Mexico
    SA South Africa
    GB Great Britain
    FR France
    IRE Ireland

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