Wayne County 1786 NC Early Census Index

This is a listing of the 1786 census in Wayne County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

© March 2009  Diane Siniard. These pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization. Non-commercial organizations desiring to use this material must obtain the consent of the transcriber prior to use. You may however use the information in your own research.

Benjamin Alford
William Alford
Jesse Ammons
John Anderson
Miles Anderson
John Applewhite
John Arlis
Philimon Arnett
Asia Arnold
Joseph Arnold
John Atkinson
Samuel Atkinson
Jesse Aycock
John Aycock
Simon Aycock
Thomas Aycock
Everitt Baget
Henry Bailey
Elias Ballard
Joab Ballard
Isbell Bardin
Jacob Bardin
James Bardin
Jesse Bardin
Blake Barefield
Solomon Barefield
John Barefoot
James Barnes
Jesse Barnes
John Barnes
John Barnes Jr
Samuel Barnes
Simon Barnes
Jones Barshaby
Samuel Bartlett
John Barwick
Andrew Bass Sr
Andrew Bass Sr
Arthur Bass
Edward Bass
Wlisha Bass
Ephraim Bass
Esau Bass
John Bass
Rice Bass
Richard Bass
Thomas Bass
Claiborn Bateman
John Bayles
John Beard Jr
John Beard Sr
John Beck
William Beck
Abraham Beeman
Francis Beeman
James Beeman
Ozias Beeman
James Bell
William Bell Sr
Elizabeth Bennett
Jonathan Benton
Ezekil Billington
David Bizzell
John Bizzell
Thomas Bizzell
William Bizzell Jr
William Blackman
James Blanchard
Uriah Blanchard
Thomas Blow
Jesse Bogue
Simon Boswell
Amos Boyet
Benjamin Boyet
Deliah Boyet
Edward Boyet
Etheldred Boyet
Jacob Boyet
Josiah Boyet
Shadrach Boyet
Stephen Boyet
Thomas Boyet Jr
Thomas Boyet Sr
Francis Boykin
Mary Boykin
Thomas Boykin
George Bradbury
James Bradbury
Thomas CHamb. Bradbury
Randolph Branch
Simon Branch
William Branch
Richard Braswell
Richard Braswell Sr
Shadrach Braswell
Moses Brewer
James Bridgers
Thomas Brodgen
Abraham Brookins
Bridgman Brookins
Thomas BBrookins
Major Broom
Jesse Brown
Noah brown
Arthur Bryan
William Bryan
Willis Bryan
Gedion Bundy
John Bundy
James Bunton
John Burley
Frederick Burn
William Burn
Adam Carriway
Elijah Carriway
Elizabeth Carriway
John Carriway
Thomas Carriway Sr
Willis Carriway
Joseph Carter
Naomy Carter
Jeremiah Casey
Micajah Casey
George Cato
Hugh Cavis
Benjamin Chance
Henry Chance
Nathan Chance
Phillip Chance
Samuel Chance
Stephen CHance
Vincent Chance
Benjamin Cobb
David Cobb
James Cobb
Nathan Cobb
Patience Cobb
Charles Cogdell
David Cogdell
Francis Cogdell
James Cole
Elias Coleman
Arthur Cook
Benjamin Cook
Martha Cook
Thomas Cook
Gabriel Cooley
Thomas Coor
Thomas Coor Jr
John Coorpinder
William Corbit
Samuel Corbitt
Ephraim Cotton
Samuel Cotton
Dedrick Couch
Josiah Cox
Mary Cox
Pheoby Cox
Lazarus Crawford
Richard Crawford
Robert Crawford
William Crawford
Charles Croome
Daniel Croome
Jesse Croome Sr
Isaac Crow
John Crow
Sarah Crow
Ephraim Daniel
Isaac Daniel
James Daniel
James Daniel Jr
John Daniel
Joseph Daniel
Nathan Daniel
William Daniel
Arthur Daughtry
Jacob Daughtry
David Davis
James Davis
John Davis
Joshua Davis
Richard Davis
Thomas Davis
Patience Dawson
William Dawson
William Deal
Daniel Deans
Demsy Deans
James Deans
Robert Denning
William Denning
John Denson
Thomas Denson
Daniel Dickinson
David Dickinson
Henry Dickinson
Isaac Dickinson
Joel Dickinson
Shadrach Dickinson
James Dinkins
David Donnan
Aaron Dood
Lawrence Doughtry
Elisha Downing
George Downing
Richard Downing
Radham Duglass
Benjamin Dunn
Thomas Dunn
Cornelius Durdeno
Jacob Durdeno
John Durdeno Jr
John Durdeno Sr
Richard Durdeno
William Durdeno
James Edgerton
Joseph Edgerton
Thomas Edgerton
James Edmundson
Absalum Edwards
David Edwards
John Edwards
Absalum Ellis
Jacob Ellis
John Ellis
Josiah Ellis
Reubin Elmore
Travis Elmore
David Evans
Isome Evans
Joel Evans
Joseph Everitt
John Evins Jr
John Farrall
William Farrall
John Fellow
Robert Fellow
William Fellow
Ralph Fletcher
Jacob Flowers
John Flowers
Simon Flowers
William Flowers
Ralph Flutcher
Salley Flutcher
Solomon Foakes
William Foakes
James Forehand
James Forehand Sr
William Forehand
Benjamin Fort
William Fort
Robert Fortner
John Fulghum
Michal Fulghum
Rayford Fulghum
John Garland Jr
Joshua Garriss
John Gedins
David George
Joel Gilbert
Jacob Ginn
Jesse Ginn
Thomas Ginnett
Joseph Glison
William Goodman
George Goodricj
James Grace
John Grant
Michael Grant
William Grant
Jacob Grantham
James Grantham
Jesse Grantham
Joel Grantham
Mary Grantham
Pheriby Grantham
James Green
Joseph Green
Demsey Griffen
James Griffin
Robert Griffin
Robert Gurley
Joel Gurly
Lewis Gurly
Thomas Gwin
Peter Hadsock
William Halibie
Caleb Hall
Isaac Hall
James Hall
Barniby Hamilton
Guy Hamilton
Erastus Hamm
Henry Hamm
Richard Hamm
William Hamm Jr
William Hamm Sr
Zachariah Hamm
James Hanah
James Handley
John Handley
John Hanks
Saul Hardin
Edward Harrell
John Harrell
Samuel Harrell
Willis Harrell
Benjamin Harrison
Richard Hart
Joshua Hasting
James Hasty
John Hasty
Dicy Hawley
Millie Hawley
John Hayes ~ Estate
Daniel Hedgpeth
Ezekiel Hedgpeth
John Hedgpeth
Brigett Herring
Frederick Herring
Jacob Herring
Joel Herring
John Herring
Michal Herring
Samuel Herring
Simon Herring
Solomon Herring
William Herring
Vaughn Hilbourn
Jeremiah Hill
Rhoday Hill
Susanah Hill
Francis Hillard Sr
Major Hillard
Joshua Hinds
Peter Hinds
Cador Hines
Reuben Hines
James Hinson
James Holland
John Holland
John Holland Jr
Matthew Holland
Thomas Hollaway
Christopher Holliman
Ezekiel Holliman
Jame Holliman
Jedidiah Holliman
Silas Holliman
Charles Holmes
John Holmes
Nathaniel Hood
William Hood
Hardy Hooks
Robert Hooks
William Hooks
Charles Hopton
Henry Horn
Jeremiah Horn
Thomas Horn
Abraham Howell
Admiral Howell
Archilus Howell
Artheu Howell
Benjamin Howell
Daniel Howell
Etheldred Howell
John Howell
Joshua Howell
Major Howell
Mills Howell
Ozborn Howell
Rachael Howell
Thomas Howell
William Howell
John Humphrey
Phillip Hurst
William Hurst
James Hutson
Charles Hynes
Hardy Hynes
John Inglish
John Ivey
Robert Ivey
Arthur Jernigan
David Jernigan
David Jernigan Jr
David Jernigan Sr
Fredrick Jernigan
George Jernigan Jr
George Jernigan Sr
Joseph Jernigan ~ Estate
Josiah Jernigan
Mills Jernigan
Patience Jernigan
Stephen Jernigan
Joseph Jinnett
Henry Johnston
James Johnston
William Johnston
Arthur Jones
Barshaby Jones
Hardy Jones
James Jones
William Jones
Willis Jones
Thomas Jordan
John Kanady
Stephen Kanady
John Keetly Sr
John Killett
John King
William Laky
Cornelius Lamb
Hardy Lamb
Isaac Lamb
Jacob Lamb
Jacob Lamb Sr
Joshua Lamb
Reuebn Lamb
William Lamb
Levy Lanchaster
William Lanchaster
William Sanders Lanchaster
Wright Lanchaster
Isome Lane Jr
Isome Lane Sr
William Lane
Ozwell Langley
Mary Langston
Uriah Langston
James Laughon
John Lawhon
William Lawhon
William Lewis
Cornelius Linch
Joshua Linch
John Livingston
Daniel Loftly
William Lomack
Edmund Love
Frederick Lovin
Riddick Loving
William Mahon
James Mandley
Aaron Martin
Francis Martin
Joseph Martin
Paul Martin
William Martin
Robertson Matox
William McClam
Bryan McCullin
John McCullin
William McDaniel
Richard McKinnie
William McKinnie Jr
William McKinnie Sr
George Michael
James Miles
John Minshew
Thomas Mires
Reuben Mitchell
Edmund Modlin
John Molton
John Moore
Burwell Moring
William Moring
Benjamin Morriss
Isaac Morriss
Zachariah Morriss
Zachariah Morriss Sr
Caleb Mustgrove
Joel Mustgrove
Moses Mustgrove
Thomas Mustgrove
John Newell
David Newsome
Joel Newsome
William Newsome
Henry Nickson
John Nickson
Jacob Odum
Jethro Odum
Henry Oliver
Cornelius Outland
Thomas Outland
Aaron Overman
John Overman
Thomas Overman
Jacob Page
John Page
Samuel Page
Arthur Parker
Elisha Parker
Isaac Parker
Micajah Parker
Samuel Parker
Solomon Parsons
Daniel Pate
Isome Pate
Shadrach Pate
Abraham Peacock
Archilas Peacock
Jesse Peacock
John Peacock
Levey Peacock
Patience Peacock
Peter Peacock
Samuel Peacock
Samuel Peacock Sr
Simon Peacock
Uriah Peacock
Theophilus Pearce
Christopher Pearson
Itchabud Pearson
Mark Pearson
Jesse Peelle
Passcow Peelle
Reubin Peelle
Willis Peelle
James Perisho
Jeremiah Perkins
Peter Person
Dinah Pettice
Kador Philips
John Pike
Nathan Pike
Samuel Pike
Hardy Pinder
Arthur Pipkin
Elisha Pipkin
Jesse Pipkin
Jesse Pipkin
Joseph Pipkin
Luke Pipkin
Phillip Pipkin
Stephen Pipkin
Willis Pipkin
John Pitman
Charles Pope
Solomon Pope
Winkfield Pope
Elie Powell
Elijah Powell
Nicholas Powell
Peter Powell
Starling Powell
William Powell
Rice Price
John Purviss
Jonas Quimby
William Radford
James Rasco
Fredrick Redgen
John Reeves
William Reeves
Jacob Rentfrow
James Rentfrow
William Rentfrow
Edmund Revell
Jacob Rhodes
James Rhodes
William Rhodes
William Rhodes Jr
William Rigden
Sasnitt Roach
Thomas Roach
John Roberts
Hardy Robertson
Isreal Robertson
Isome Rogers
Solomon Rouce
Bartlett Rouse
Avea Ruffin
Samuel Saint
Benjamin Sanders
Thomas Sanders
William Sanders
James Sandifur
James Sandifur Sr
Joseph Sandifur
Benjamin Sasser
Edith Sasser
Joel Sasser
Morriss Satchell
Mary Sauls
Ramon Sauls
Andrew Scott
Thomas Scott
James Shadin
Joseph Shaw
Joseph Shehorn
Benjamin Sherod
John Sherod Jr
John Sherod Sr
Sarah Sherod
Joseph Sikes
Jesse Simmons
Britain Simms
Robert Simms
Robert Simms Sr
Shadrach Simms
Jacob Skipper
Ezekiel Slocumb
Joseph Slocumb
Ann Smith
Arthur Smith
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith Sr
John Smith
Josiah Smith
William Smith
Jacob Spivey
Leving Standley
Moses Standley
William Standley
John Stanton
Abraham Starling
Elisha Starling
Edmund Strange
James Stucky
James Taylor
Jonathan Taylor
William Taylor
Solomon Thomas
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas Sr
William Thomas
William Thomlinson
James Thompson
John Thompson
John Lane Thompson
Rachel Thompson
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson Jr
William Thompson
Elizabeth Tilton
Ann Tolar
John Tolar
Nehemiah Tolar
Robert Tolar Jr
Robert Tolar Sr
Stephen Tolar
Thomas Tolar Jr
Robert Tucker
James Turner
Matthew Turner
James Tyner
William Tyner
William Underhill
Elisha Uzell Sr
Elisha Uzell Jr
Benjamin Vinson
Levin Vinson
Salmon Vinson
Benjamin Walding
Amos Walker
Aaron Wallace Sr
William Walterer
Wyatt Warwick
Jonathan Wasden
John Watkins
William Watkins
Wilson Watkins
Isome Watson
Needham Watson
Micajah Wells
Charles West
John West
James Westbrook
John Westbrook
Lewis WHifield
Needham Whitfield
William Whitfield Jr
William Whitfield Sr
Ebenezer Whitney
Thomas Wiggins
Benjamin Wiggs
Henry Wiggs Sr
John Wiggs
Jordan Wiggs
Micahel Wilkins
Absalum Williams
William Williams
Henry Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Joseph Winkfield
Abel Wise
Isaac Wise
James Wise
John Wise
Josiah Wise
Thomas Wise
Charles Wolf
George Wolf
Jesse Wolf
Isaac Woodard
Joshua Woodard
William Worley
Benjamin Worrell
David Worrell
James Worrell
John Worrell
Richard Worrell
William Worrell
Hardy Yelventon
John Yelventon
Noah Yelventon

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