Joseph (Jasper) Monroe Potts Sr. Family


    16 Aug 1882 - 11 April 1969 Jasper Potts, son of Newman & Mary Fields Potts, Brogden Township

    Paul Leslie Potts 1 Sep 1920 - 20 May 1946
    N.C. Gunners Mate - 1 C.L. - U.S. Navy - son of Jasper Monroe Potts, Sr. and Vida Walker. He was killed while home on leave from the Navy - buried at Emmaus Baptist Church Cemetery
    Rev. Rufus Fields Potts 23 Dec 1917 - 26 Feb 1965
    Married 30 April 1950 to Juanita Elliott, 24 May 1924 - 29 Apr 2003. Both are buried at Emmaus Baptist Church Cemetery
    Potts Brothers
    Left to right: Edward, Jasper, David and Newman Potts - all are buried at Emmaus Baptist Church Paul Potts Death Certificate Name: Potts, Paul Leslie Date Of Death: May 20, 1946 Time: 3:57 am Place Of Death: Wayne County, NC Residence: Wayne County, NC Gender: Male Race: W Age: 25 Marital Status: Married Spouse: Branch, Harriet Date Of Birth: September 1, 1920 Place Of Birth: Wayne County, NC Mother's Name: Walker, Vida Mother's Birthplace: Georgia Father's Name: Potts, Jasper M. Father's Birthplace: Wayne County, NC Cause Of Death: Compound fracture skull Hospital: Unknown SS Number: n/a Occupation: Gunner's Mate; US Navy Funeral Home: Seymour Funeral Home Doctor: Drs. Cobb & Thompson Coroner: Wm. L. Thompson Informant: Rufus Potts Date Of Burial: May 22, 1946 Place Of Burial: May 22, 1946 Date Recorded: July 26, 1946 Source Of Record: NC Archives Certificate No.: 15538 Certificate also states acute brain injury; cereberal hemmorage, depressed fracture; accident occurred in Duplin County; pedestrian - auto Burial was in Emmaus Baptist Church, Brogden township, Wayne County

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