Willis & Mattie Bradshaw Strickland Family

    Contributed by Dorothy Price Holt


    News & Observer - The Rev. and Mrs. Willis B. Strickland celebrated their golden anniversary on December 19 at their home in Dunn. Mrs. Strickland is the former Miss Mattie Bradshaw of Wayne County, and Mr. Strickland is a native of Johnston County. They were married in 1894, coming to Dunn in 1903. They are listed in the 1920 NC census in Harnett County Willis B, M, W, Head, age 48 Mattie, F, W, Wife, age 43 William J, M, W, Son, age 6 4/12 Boarders: Frank Hodges, W, M, age 44 Mable Hodges, W, F, age 10 Hazel Hodges, W, F, age 3 3/12

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