Fort Fisher Log Book, May-November, 1864

Attacks on Fort Fisher - The Union army and navy planned several 
attacks on Fort Fisher and the port of Wilmington, but made no 
attempt until December 24, 1864. After two days of fighting with little 
headway, Union commanders concluded that the fort was too strong 
to assault and withdrew their forces. However, they returned for a 
second attempt on January 12, 1865. 

For two and one-half days, Federal ships bombarded the fort on 
both land and sea face. On the fifteenth, more than 3,000 Union 
infantry, including the 27th US Colored Troops, assaulted the land 
face. After several hours of fierce hand-to-hand combat, Federal 
troops captured the fort that night.

Source of copies of log book: NC Archives Military Collection; 
Civil War; Box 86

The box also contains copies of the log book on photo quality 

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