Goldsboro Rifles

Reprinted with permission of the News-Argus and cannot be reproduced without permission. Goldsboro News-Argus, Anniversary Series, Friday, April 26, 1985 Furman Tudor, left, and Capt Lewis D. Giddens of the Goldsboro Rifles of 1895 display a flag "Presented by the young ladies of Wayne Female College in April 1861." This silk flag has that inscription on the other side and was carried into battle by the rifles when they were called out to Fort Macon in April 1861.
Their slogan was "Victory or Death !"
Placement of SCV Wreaths
Monument with Flags & Wreaths Jared K. White Honored at Service Memorial Service Brochure, page 1 Memorial Service Brochure, page 2 Memorial Service Brochure, page 3 Memorial Service Brochure, page 4

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