Odd Fellows Home

    Submitted by Judy Merrell Brickhouse

                              (CORRECTED TO 1972)
    Through October 1972 we tried to make this as complete and attractive as
    possible so it would be of some pleasure and value to you. Please do not
    put it aside but use it to make many of your Home friends happy. The Alumni 
    Association was reorganized in 1932. Since then it has contributed over
    seven thousand dollars to the Home, children and former children. I think
    the greatest value of all is it has renewed old acquaintances, in many cases
    it has brought separated families together. We have had an average of about
    seventy-five to eighty at each meeting, (which is always Sunday before
    Labor Day at the Home in Goldsboro).
    For the benefit of some who have not attended Homecoming-all the original
    buildings have been removed, the farm sold, and one small building built
    to accommodate about fifty children. It was in operation from May 1892-
    May 1970-78 years.
    The Home received financial support from the Duke Foundation, the state
    and families of the boarders, as well as from the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs,
    whose memberships have decreased considerably. Statistics:
         960 Odd Fellows and non-Odd Fellows children admitted
         207 Deceased-Known
         404 No Complete Address
         75 to 80 average attending Homecoming
    Treat it with care, it could be the last one.
    * Deceased
    ? Address Unkown
    If you know of any address marked (?) please send it to Secretary. Thanks.
    * Dr. W.C. Whitfield                          * Chas. H. Warren
    * J.T. Dean                                   * Rev. Stack
    * D.R. Coble                                  * Rev. W.C. Beamon
    * H.F. Brinson
    * E. Leff Wagoner
    * Chas. O. Baird
        J.C. Daudill
      * Col. J.E. Stewart
        D. Earl Sutton
        C.D. Oates
      ? James Harper
      * Col. Chas. H. Warren
                             OFFICERS AND TEACHERS
      Mrs. Chas. O. Baird
      Mrs. Rosa Blanchard-Thornton
      Mrs. Cheek-O.A. Joyner
    * Childress, R.N. (Manager singing class)
      Mrs. Maude Dunn-Rose
    * Mrs. Lillian Edgerton-Best
      Mrs. Mary Galloway (Geo. Goodson)
    * Mrs. Ollie Folson-Horton
      Mrs. Clara Ivey (Allen Fritz)
    * Mrs. Chariity Parker (W. Kalmer)
      Mrs. Lessie Perry (Summerlin)
      Mrs. Mary Pruitt (John Carroll)
      Mrs. Riggins (Elbert Anderson)
      Miss Annie Rose Southerland
      Mrs. Singleton (A.L. Smith)
    ? Mrs. Tull (Wm. M. Koontz)
      Mrs. J. Rhem Taylor
    * Mrs. Elsie Odom Tucker
      Miss Mable Townsend 
      Mrs. Chas. H. Warren
      Mrs. Jennette Sturdivant (Dorsey Poole)
    Jocob Shrago
    Margaret Sullivan-Hillman
    Agnes Sullivan-Roab
                             CORRECT TO JUNE 1972
     Abbiatia, Edna (R.N. Cooper) (Mt. Airy) 1907-1915 
    *Abbiatia, Teresa (Mt. Airy)  
     Adams, Blanch-Jones (Andrews) 1915-1926
    *Adams, Guy (Andrews) 1915-1924
    ?Adams, Myrtle (Andrews) 1922-1926
     Allsbrook, Era (Joe Stout) (Rocky Mt.) 1917-1924
    *Allsbrook, Foy-Harris (Rocky Mt.) 1917-1924
    *Allsbrook, Mable-Todd (Rocky Mt.) 1917-1924
    *Anderson, Chas. Maurice (Wilmington) 1901-1904
    *Anderson, Beulah (Wilmington) 1901-1904
    *Anderson, Fairy (Wilmington) 1901-1904
     Anderson, Abbie (W.H. Geddy) (Warsaw) 1919-1926
     Anderson, Mildred-Peterson (Warsaw) 1919-1926
     Anderson, Norman (Warsaw) 1922-1926
     Anderson, Virginia (Lucion Hudson) (Warsaw) 1922-1926
     Anderson, Edna Mae (E.A Sawyer) (Elizabeth City) 1924-1935
     Anderson, Lizzie Mae (Gerald Sawyer) (Elizabeth City) 1924-1936
     Atkins, Clora-Cornell (Asheville) 1910-1923
     Atkins, Flossie-Hurd (Asheville) 1910-1917
     Austin, Lila (Jesse Stone) (Patterson) 1927-1936
     Austin, Warren H. (Patterson) 1927-1939
     Austin, Mary Lou (W.B. Mathis, Jr.) (Patterson) 1931-1943
    *Aydlett, Tom (Powells Point) 1906-1914
     Ball, Alma (Jasper Newton) (W. Asheville) 1928-1939
    *Ball, Richard (Mrs.) 1928-1939
    *Ball, Ruby-Henderson (W. Asheville) 1928-1939
     Ball, Homer (W. Asheville) 1928-1939
     Ball, Shirley (John Johnson) (W. Asheville) 1935-1944
    ?Barber, Herbert (Greenville) 1895-1899
    ?Bass, Archie (Hope Mills) 1895-1896
    ?Bass, Walter (Hope Mills) 1895-1895
    ?Bass, Thomas E. (Hope Mills) 1895-1896
     Bell, Beatrice (S.L. Ragland) (Bryson City) 1909-1919
     Bell, Marghretta "Peg"-BeCraft (Bryson City) 1909-1919
    *Bell, Reginal (Deceased 1941) (Bryson City) 1909-?
     Bell, Catherine (Lewis Medlin) (Kinston) 1920-1924
     Bell, Lucille (Harry Waller) (Kinston) 1916-1923
     Bell, Mayme Ruth (A.B. Mann, Jr.) (Kinston) 1916-1921
     Bell, Richard (Kinston) 1916-1925
    ?Bean, Ivy Lee (Hickory) 1911-1911
    ?Bateman, Lula (Williamston) 1898-1899
    *Betts, Edwin M. (Raleigh) 1899-1910
    *Betts, James P. (Raleigh) 1899-1908
    *Betts, Sallie-Marshall (Raleigh) 1899-1904
    *Biggs, Annie Pearl (Hope Mills) 1902-1909
    *Biggs, Goldie Lee (Hope Mills) (Mrs. J.H. Brady) 1902-1908
    *Biggs, Myrtle (Hope Mills) 1909-1921
     Biggs, Herbert (Hope Mills) 1902-1915
     Biggs, Gertrude (G. Barnes) (Hope Mills) 1905-1916
     Biggs, Clarence (Hope Mills) 1909-1916
     Biggs, Claude 1909-1916
     Biggs, Ethel (Geo. B. Warren) (Hope Mills) 1902-1914
     Blanchard, Agnes (Henry Best) (Warsaw) 1906-1915
    *Blanchard, Graham (Deceased Feb. 1958) (Warsaw) 1906-1916
    *Blanchard, Pattie Mae (Warsaw) 1908-1920
     Blanchard, Robert L. (Warsaw) 1919-1925
     Blanchard, James (Warsaw) (Rear Admiral Retired) 1910-1922
    *Blaylock, Gerald (Canton) (Killed at Home 12/11/1941) 1933-1941
    *Blaylock, Robert Lee (1/14/1969) (Canton) 1933-1940
     Blaylock, Margaret (Don Swagart) 1933-1945
     Blaylock, C. Raymond (Canton) 1933-1943
     Blaylock, Sibly (B.F. Moffit) (Canton) 1933-1940
    *Blevins, Aris (Deceased May 29, 1971) (Crumpler) 1911-1918
    *Blevins, Zillie (Crumpler) 1911-1918
    *Blevins, Bruce Lester (Killed, France WWI, 1918) (Crumpler) 1911-1916
     Blevins, Lola (A. Pack) (Crumpler) 1911-1918
     Blevins, Banner (Crumpler) 1911-1918
    ?Beasley, Belmont B. (Elizabeth City) 1911-?
    ?Blackley, Katie Clyde (Oxford) 1893-?
    ?Bledsoe, Mary (Raleigh) 1892-?
    ?Bledsoe, Claude (Raleigh) 1892-? 
    ?Bessuit, Ella (Norfolk, Va) 1892-?
     Booker, Bessie May (Taylor) (no other information)
     Booker, Melvin (no other information) 
     Booker, Mildred (Jenkins) (no other information)
    *Bowen, Aaron Thomas (Reney & Chink) (Wilmington) (Dec. 10/13/1951) 1905-1914
     Bowen, Aaron Thomas Jr. (son)
    ?Brevard, Bertha (Biltmore) 1901-1901
    ?Brewer, Ruth (Wilmington) 1927-1927
    ?Broadhurst, Elizabeth (Thaggard) (Seven Springs) 1918-1923
     Baumgarner, James (Canton) 1924-1931
     Baumgarner, Neil (Canton) 1924-1935
    ?Bunch, Alice (Sanders) (Belhaven) 1919-1923
    ?Bunch, Jackson (Belhaven) 1919-1923
    ?Bunch, Wilber (Belhaven) 1922-1926
    *Burleson, Edward (Bakersville) 1910-1910
    *Burleson, Jeter (Bakersville) 1910-1910
     Burleson, Aster "Aught" 1910-1910
     Burnes, Annie Louise 1916-1923
    *Burnes, Tommy (Wilmington) (Deceased May 17, 1969) 1916-1923
     Bryant, Kathleen (Jement) (Sweepsville, N.C.) 1937-1938
     Bryant, Otis (Sweepsville, N.C.) 1937-1943
    *Carroway, Robert (Kinston) 1897-1900
     Cartwright, Thelma (J.J. Hilgert) (Camden) 1923-1927
     Cartwright, Thelma (Peele) (Camden) 1923-1932 
     Cartwright, Clyde (Camden) 1923-1930
     Cartwright, Mattie (W.P. Smith) (Camden) 1926-1936
     Cartwright, Mildred (Lester A. Knight) 1926-1938
     Cash, Ethel-Blowe (Ayden) 1904-1907
     Cash, Sherman (Ayden) 1904-1909
     Cash, Celia (J.E. Chappel) (Ayden) 1904-1909
    *Cash, Cora (Elliott) (2/22/72) (Ayden) 1904-1908
     Chappell, Clarence (Asheville) 1907-1914
    *Chappell, Daisy (C.T. Johnson) (Asheville) 1902-1913
    *Chappell, Floyde (Dec. 1952) (Asheville) 1902-1907
    *Chappell, Maggie (Wm. T. Keever) (Asheville) 1902-1906
     Chambers, Paul 1930-1936
     Chambers, Walter 1930-1938
    *Childers, Fred (Dec. 1965) (Lansing) 1920-1926
     Childers, Myrtle (Mile M. Jennell) (Lansing) 1920-1925
     Clements, Ethel Mae (E. Luback) (Durham) 1927-1934
    ?Clements, Hattie Edith (Hickory) 1905-1911
     Clements, Katherine (Hickory) 1905-1911
    *Collins, John (Asheville) ?-1901
    *Collins, Sallie (Dec. Nov. 1968) (Asheville) 1907-1908
    ?Cole, Bessie P. (Durham) 1899-1899
    ?Cole, Grover (Durham) 1899-1899
    ?Cole, Lenn (Durham) 1899-1899
    *Corbell, Mary (Tom Poole) (Dec. July 1971) (Poplar Branch) 1905-1912
     Corbell, Theron (Poplar Branch) 1905-1914
    *Cox, Ada Susan (Dec. 1960) (Hendersonville) 1910-1918
    *Cox, George (Dec. 1963) (Hendersonville) 1910-1918
    *Cox, Claudia (Dec. 1947) (Hendersonville) 1910-?
    *Cox, Frank (Hendersonville) 1910-1914
     Craig, Lula (Almond) 1915-1923
     Craig, Donnie (J.E. Holbrook) (Almond) 1915-1918
     Crisp, Dewitt (Brock) 1919-1927
     Crisp, Nellie (Nell C. Klein) (Brock) 1920-1927
    ?Dail, Bessie (Snow Hill) 1898-1898
    ?Dail, George (Snow Hill) 1898-1898
     Dalton, Edna (Glenn Guthrie) (Andrews) 1912-1915
     Dalton, Genevieve (Tilden Honeycutt) (Andrews) 1912-1925
     Dalton, Arnold (Andrews) 1919-1928
     Dalton, Inez (Carl Erickson) (Andrews) 1912-1921
     Dalton, Maude (C.E. White) 1912-1923
    *Davis, Ed M. (December 1963) (Goldsboro) 1894-?
     Davis, John L.
    *Davis, Wilborn (Goldsboro) 1894-1900
    *Davis, Winston (Goldsboro) 1894-1900
    *Davis, John F. (Goldsboro) 1903-1903
    *Davis, Hattie (Goldsboro) 1903-1903
    *Davis, Matthew (Belhaven) 1910-1914
    ?Davis, John L. (Belhaven) 1910-1914
     Davis, Gilbert (Belhaven) 1908-1914
    *Davis, Ernest (Dec. 1958) (Waynesville) 1909-1919
     Davis, Nettie (Carper Thomas) 1909-1920
     Davis, Obera (Ralph Hurtt) (Waynesville) 1912-1925
     Davis, Ora (J.W. Thompson) (Waynesville) 1909-1912
     Davis, Reba (D.C. Barbee) Waynesville) 1909-1918
     Davis, Annie Clyde (Frank Swindell) (Morehead City) 1924-1930
    *Delemar, Arabella (J.W. Gray) (Beaufort) 1897-1908
    *Delemar, Thomas (Beaufort) 1897-1905
    ?Delemar, Chauncey "Monk" (Beaufort) 1897-1905
     Dennis, Annie (Eugene Pace) (Concord) 1905-1916
     Dennis, Arnold (Concord) 1901-1909
     Dennis, Robert "Sport" (Concord) 1903-1912
     Denton, Wm. Horace (Robbinsville) 1912-1913
     Denton, Victor (Robbinsville) 1912-1913
    ?Dewitt, Willis S. (Raleigh) (One of first families to enter Home) 1892-?
    ?Dewitt, George (Raleigh) (One of first familes to enter Home) 1892-?
     DeWeese, Floyd (Sports Shop) (Canton) 1926-1932
    ?Dew, George (Wilmington) 1907-1910
    *Dew, Henry (Wilmington) 1907-1910
     Dillworth, A.L. (Kinston) 1927-1934
     Dillworth, Jimmy (Kinston) 1927-1939
     Dillworth, Ruth (G.W. Jarvis) (Kinston) 1927-1937
    *Dillworth, Raynor (Dec. March 1971) (Kinston) 1927-1931
    ?Dillworth, Wm. H. 1927-1927
    *Dixon, Brady (Statesville) 1909-?
    *Dixon, Fernibell (Statesville) 1909-1910
    *Dixon, Lee S. "Monk" (Statesville) (Dec. Aug. 22, 1967) 1909-1916
     Dixon, Raymond "Bee" (Statesville) 1909-1924
     Dorsey, Edna (Jack Warner) (Bryson City) 1911-1918
     Dorsey, Pearl (J.B. Graves) (Bryson City) 1911-1918
     Dorsey, John Willie (Bryson City) 1911-1916
     Drake, Clyde (Hendersonville) 1919-1926
     Drake, Harry (Hendersonville) 1919-1927
     Drake, H.F., Jr. (Hendersonville) 1919-1927
    *Drake, Geo. (Dec. June 5, 1971) (Hendersonville) 1919-1927
    *Drake, Willie Gray (Died at Home-1918-hit by baseball bat) 
         (Hendersonville) 1921-1928 [Died at Home "1918" must be typo]
     Driver, Wm. (Hope Mills) 1926-1928
     Dulin, Julia (J.A. Weathers) (Harbinger) 1900-1907
    *Dulin, Sam D. (Harbinger) 1900-1930
    ?Edwards, Anna Lucile (Tarboro) 1924-1926
    ?Edwards, Sudie Lee (Tarboro) 1924-1926
    ?Edwards, Gordon 1931-1932
     Ennis, Mamie (J.W. Pate) (Salisbury) 1905-1915
     Ennis, Raymond "Red" (Salisbury) 1910-1917
     Ennis, Reuban L. (Salisbury) 1905-1907
    *Ennis, Walter (Died at Home while taking hookworm treatment with Lee) 1906-1911
    *Eury, Joe Alford (Salisbury) 1923-1930
    *Evans, Maude (D.W. Davis) (Dec. 3-23-63) (Greenville) 1898-1902
    *Evans, Frank (Greenville) 1892-1898
     Evans, Letiata (W.M. Curtis) 1892-1900
    ?Evans, Robert (Point Harbor) 1912-?
    *Fleming, Alton (Joe) (Dec. 1967) 1926-1931
    ?Fleming, Belva (Joe) 1926-1933
     Folger, Marvin "Fish" (Dobson) 1915-1923
    *Folger, Wesley A. (Marvin's twin brother died at Home) (Dobson) 1915-?
     Franklin, Blanche (C.C. Correll, Jr.) (Asheville) 1919-1925
     Franklin, Martha (L.B. Smitherman) (Asheville) 1919-1929
     Franklin, Mary (J.H. Ray) (Asheville) 1919-1929
    ?Freeman, Carlos (Raleigh) 1893-?
    ?Freeman, Walter (Raleigh) 1893-1902
    *Fulton, Bessie (J.J. Batson) (Kings Mt.) (Dec. 7-15-70) 1901-1909
    *Fulton, Minnie (Ben F. Adams) (Kings Mt.) 1901-1910
     Fulton, Edna (A.L. Howard) (Kings Mt.) 1901-1911
     Fulton, F. Lee (Kings Mt.) 1902-1918
     Gage, Beulah (W.F. Phillips) (Bakersville) 1905-1915
     Gage, Zola (Barber) (Bakersville) 1905-1913
     Gage, Fred (Bakersville) 1905- ?
    *Gage, Myrtle (M. Kenney) (Bakersville) (Dec. 1968) 1905-1913
     Gallup, Crawford (Frank Hughes) (Shawboro) 1912-1919
     Gallup, Cecil (Shawboro) 1912-1918
     Gallup, Royal K. "Reek" (Shawboro) 1916-1925
    *Gallup, Irvin F. (Shawboro) 1912-1924
    *Gallop, Mary (Purdy) (Poplar Branch) (Dec. 3-17-68) 1908-1910
    *Gallop, Lucetta (Baum) (Poplar Branch) 1908-1914
    ?Gardner, Farrell "Pease" (Jamestown) 1910-?
    ?Garwood, Howard (Atlanta) 1916-?
    *Gattis, Paul (Raleigh) (Dec. 1954) 1906-1914
     Gattis, Lewis D. 1910-1912
     Gay, Eddie (Rocky Mt.) 1911-?
    ?Gay, Lossie (Rocky Mt.) 1911-1911
    *Gentry, Alice (Marshall) (Dec. 1955) 1934-1945
     Gilmore, John C. (Fayetteville) 1906-1915
    *Glenn, Emily M. (Raleigh) 1894-1898
    *Glenn, Grover (Raleigh) 1894-1898
     Grant, Jesse (Wesser) 1912-?
     Grant, Texie (Zeb V. Grant) (Wesser) 1912-?
    *Grant, Nellie H. (Wesser) (Dec. 1933) 1912-1920
    *Grant, Wesley (Rev.) (Wesser) (Dec. 11-12-61) 1912-1916
    *Graves, Hallie, (Poplar Branch) (Died at Home-burned while preparing 
         Thanksgiving dinner) 1909-?    
    *Green, Elizabeth (J.W. Thorpe) (Wilmington) 1904-1907
    *Green, Rebecca (Wilmington) 1904-1907
     Green, Georgia (J.W. O'Donnell) (Wilmington) 1910-1916
    ?Griffin, Mollie D. (Sladesville) 1892-?
    ?Griffin, Herbert (Boonford) 1912-1914
    *Griffin, Roscoe (Boonford) (Dec. June 1961) 1912-?
     Grindstaff, Dorothy (D.R. Ferrell) (Bakersville) 1921-1928
     Grindstaff, Alma (Gordon Wiggs) (Bakersville) 1919-1929
    *Gorenflo, C.T. (Hot Springs) (Dec. 1966) 1919-1926
    *Gorenflo, Geo. (Hot Springs) (Dec. 1962) 1919-1923
    ?Gorenflo, Grover (Hot Springs) 1919-1926 
     Harrell, Wm. B. (Sligo) 1907-1908
     Harrell, Rosa D. (L.J. Stokes) (Sligo) 1907-1908
     Harrison, Thomas A. (Asheville) 1912-1916
    *Harrison, James W. (Asheville) (Dec. 12-22-69) 1912-1916
    ?Harris, Annie B. (Clayton) 1905-1908
    ?Hargrove, Henry (Clinton) 1899-1899
    ?Hargrove, Ella I. (Clinton) 1899-1899
    ?Hargrove, Nellis R. (Clinton) 1899-1899
    ?Hart, Wm. H. (Fayetteville) 1892-1899 
    ?Hart, Ida I. (Fayetteville) 1892-1899
    ?Hart, Arthur Wm. (Fayetteville) 1900-1902
    ?Hart, Emma (Fayetteville) 1900-1902
    ?Hart, George (Fayetteville) 1900-1902
    ?Hart, Annie (Fayetteville) 1892-1901
    *Haskett, Marthenia (T.E. Dail) (Scotland Neck) (Dec. 3-28-69) 1900-1903
    *Hayes, Van (Leicester) (Dec. 1961) 1903-1906
     Hayes, Annie (E.P. Martin) 1905-1911
     Hewitt, Alice (E.J. Sanders) (Elizabeth City) 1915-1926
     Hewitt, Edna Mae (Elizabeth City) 1919-1930
    *Hickerson, Grace (S.A. Wilburn) (Lenior) 1908-1912
    *Hickerson, Jean (John C. Gilmore) (Lenior) (Dec. 3-25-71) 1908-1915
     Hickerson, James (Lenior) 1912-?
    *Hickman, Thomas H. (East Bend, N.C.) 1921-1922
    ?Hickman, Mary Georgia (East Bend) 1921-1922
    ?Higgins, James Y. (Forrest City) 1914-?
    ?Higgins, Guilford (Forrest City) 1915-?
     Hill, Lucy (John Hamrick) (Caroleen) 1913-1918
     Hill, Benjamin (New Bern) 1927-1938
     Hill, Dorothy (Harold Davis) (New Bern) 1927-1937
     Hill, Ed (New Bern) 1927-1936
     Hill, Mary (New Bern) 1927-1931
    *Hinton, Ada E. (L.H. Champion) (Clayton) 1898-1902
     Hinton, Evelyn Herbert (G.N. Brannon) 1898-1902
    *Holmes, Davis (Wilmington) (Dec. 8-15-57) 1907-1910
    *Holmes, Louise (S.M. Bittinger) (Dec. 1964) (Wilmington) 1907-1916
    *Holmes, Harry Z. (Wilmington) (Dec. 1940) 1907-1918
    *Honeycutt, Ethel (Concord) (Dec. 1916) 1909-1916
    ?Howell, Alice (Wilmington) 1916-?
    ?Howell, Lawrence (Wilmington) 1916-?
    ?Howell, John V. (Wilmington) 1916-1926
     Huffman, Carrie Lee (FAW Davis) (Green Mt.) 1928-1935 
     Huffman, Floyd (Green Mt.) 1928-1938
     Huffman, Marie (Green Mt.) 1928-1938
     Hundley, Ernest (Rocky Mt.) 1909-1912
    *Hundley, Oscar (Rocky Mt.) (Dec. 1964) 1909-1912 
     Jackson, Lora (J. Whitfield) (W. Durham) 1922-1926
     Jackson, Cora (C. Laker) (W. Durham) 1922-1926
     Jackson, Howard (Biltmore) 1921-1925
     Jackson, Ralph (Biltmore) 1921-1925
    *Jackson, James Roy (Biltmore) (Dec. 1-17-67) 1912-1916
    *Jackson, J. Herman (Biltmore) (Dec. 1951) 1912-1914
    *Jackson, Dorothy (Biltmore) (Dec. 1954) 1921-1925
    *Jackson, Nellie (Biltmore) (Dec. 9-30-25) 1921-1924
     James, Clinton (Robersonville) 1924-1934 
     James, Harmon (Robersonville) 1924-1931
     James, Clifton (Robersonville) 1924-?
     Jarman, Herbert (Richland) 1923-1935 
     Jarman, Erma (R.B. Sykes) (Richland) 1915-1917
     Jarrell, Robert E. Lee (High Point) 1923-1935 
     Jarrell, Frances E. (High Point) 1923-1923
     Jarrell, Ruth (Lonnie Sweatt) (High Point) 1923-1931
     Jarrell, Gilbert F. (High Point) 1928-1937
    *Jarrell, Ruby (Clyde Senate) (Dec. 1-24-71) (High Point) 1923-1931
    *Jarrell, Julius Leroy (High Point) (Dec. 1961) 1923-1928
     Jenkins, John (Goldsboro) 1922-1925
    *Jenkins, Kermit (Goldsboro) 1920-1927
    ?Jenkins, Herbert (Proctor) 1916-?
     Jenkins, Iva Lee (Proctor) 1916-1923
    *Jenkins, Leota (Proctor) (Dec. 12-4-67) 1916-1926
    ?Jenkins, Paul (Proctor) 1916-1926
     Jennette, Maude (Clarence Winbon) (Fremont) 1906-1914
     Jennette, Wm. Carl (Fremont) 1906-1914
     Jennette, Maybelle (Jesse I. James) 1906-?
    *Jennings, Bessie (N. Wilkesboro) 1905-1915
     Jennings, Julia A. (T.M. Bellamy) (N. Wilkesboro) 1905-1910
     Jennings, Edward E. (N. Wilkesboro) 1905-1908
    ?Jennings, Marshall (Elizabeth City) (non-Odd Fellow) 1899-1902
    ?Jennings, Arkansas (Elizabeth City) (non-Odd Fellow) 1892-?
    ?Jennings, Daniel (Elizabeth City) (non-Odd Fellow) 1892-1898
     Johnson, Jewel W. (Unaka) 1910-1924
     Johnson, Kermit D. (Unaka) 1912-1925
    *Johnston, Cecil R. (Farmville) (Dec. Jan. 1970) 1919-1922
    *Johnston, John V. (Farmville) (Dec. 1965) 1919-1924
    *Johnston, Robert (Farmville) 1919-1924
     Johnston, Lucy (J.H. Rumley) (Farmville) 1919-1924 
     Johnston, Janie 1919-1924
    *Jones, Thomas (Raleigh) 1909-1910
    ?Jones, Rudolph (Elizabeth City) 1910-1926
     Keel, Henry (Washington) 1915-1924
     Keel, Alice L. (Chas. Peterson) (Washington) 1916-1926
     Keel, Jarvis A. (Washington) 1919-1929
    *Keel, Sara Mathelda (Washington) (Dec. 3-26-58) 1919-1930
    *Kimble, Harold (Winston Salem) 1914-?
    ?King, Cleonard (Leicester) 1908-1911
    ?King, Tennie Brown (Leicester) 1908-1911
    ?King, Lloyd (Leicester) 1908-1910 
     Lassister, Maxie (Eddie Poole) (Raleigh) 1919-?
    ?Lassister, Jack (Raleigh) 1919-?
    ?Lassister, Wilton (Raleigh) 1919-1920
    *Lawrence, Edward (Salisbury) 1909-1914
    ?Lee, James A. (Raleigh) 1909-1909
    ?Lewellen, Eugene (Raleigh) 1894-1901
    ?Lewellen, Edwin (Raleigh) 1894-?
    *Lindquist, Charlie (Wilmington) 1906-1909
    *Lindquist, Edna (Wilmington) 1906-1909
    *Lupton, Joshua (Makelyville) (First child to die at the Home) 1892-1893
     Lytle, Harry A. (Asheville) 1908-1920
     Lytle, Lois (J.R. Johnson) (Asheville) 1908-1915
    ?Markham, Zuba (Aberdeen) 1901-1909
    ?Markham, Lizzie (Aberdeen) 1901-1909
    ?Markham, Pressly (Aberdeen) 1901-1909
    ?Markham, Hayward (Aberdeen) 1902-1909
    ?Mason Daniel A. (Hope Mills) 1910-1910
    *Mason, W. Fred "Monk" (Rocky Mt.) (Dec. 1955) 1921-1930
     Mason, Frank (Rocky Mt.) 1921-1925
     Mason, Troy V. (Rocky Mt.) 1921-1930
     Mason, Ernest (Rocky Mt.) 1924-1932
     Matthews, Mae (Ernest C. Hunt) (High Point) 1905-1912
     Matthews, Geneva (J.B. Neal) (High Point) 1909-?
    ?Matthews, Edna (Anderson) (High Point) 1905-1916
    *Matthews, Arthur (High Point) (Dec. 4-13-66) 1905-1916
    *Matthews, Sam (High Point) 1907-1917
    *Matthews, Emma May 1898-?
    ?May, Coy (Zionville) 1909-1910
    ?May, Lizzie (Lippord) (Zionville) 1909-1914
    ?May, Minnie (Phillips) (Zionville) 1909-1919
    *May, Carrie (Williams) (Zionville) 1909-?
     May, Ann (Meade) (Zionville) 1909-1919
    *Medford, Clarence W. (Proctor) (Dec. 1963) 1925-1930
     Medford, Bessie B. (Wilson Duckett) (Proctor) 1925-1935
     Medford, Carl (Proctor) 1925-1935
     Medford, Nina (K. Kolb) (Proctor) 1925-1938
    *Merrell, Louvenia (Jarvisburg) 1903-1908
    *Merrell, William C. (Jarvisburg) 1904-1909
    *Merrell, Ella G. (Jarvisburg) 1908-1912
     Merritt, Vera (Leo Cohn) (Wilmington) 1914-1925
    *Merritt, Warren (Wilmington) 1914-1926
     Merritt, Harry (Wilmington) 1914-1924
     Merritt, Thurman (Wilmington) 1921-1930
     Merritt, Paul R. (Wilmington) 1921-1928
    *Mikeal, Gurney (Hackett-Wautauga Co.) 1910-1917
    *Mikeal, Paul (Hackett-Wautauga Co.) 1910-?
     Mikeal, Thelma (Russell Farthing) (Hackett-Wautauga) 1910-?
    *Mims, Wm. R. (Asheville) (Dec. 8-26-71) 1916-1926 
     Mims, Edwin W. (Asheville) 1916-1928
     Mintz, Edwin L. (Ransomville) 1934-1937
     Mintz, Ben (Ransomville) 1934-1940
    *Moody, Troy (Black Mt.) 1914-?
    *Moody, Clyde (Black Mt.) 1914-?
    *Moody, Guy B. (Black Mt.) (Dec. 6-9-69) 1914-1918
    *Moore, Eula Bush (Emerson) (Edgecomb Co.) (Dec. 1930) 1914-1916
     Moore, Mary Guydana (Patrick) (Edgecomb Co.) 1914-1916
     Moore, Ethel (Jesse Stanley) (Rocky Mt.) 1924-1929
     Moore, Christine (Rocky Mt.) 1924-1932 
    ?Moore, Alice Lucy (Tugwell) (Farmville-no Lodge) 1893-?
    *Moore, Fannie (Ray West) (Farmville-no Lodge) (Walstonburg) 1893-?
    *Morrow, Wm. Leon (Waynesville) (Dec. 1961) 1921-1924
     Mumford, Pattie A. (Roland Braswell) (Wilson) 1916-1929
    *Mumford, James M. (Wilson) (Dec. 12-8-69) 1916-1922
     Munden, Chas. H. (Elizabeth City) 1917-1926
     Munden, Pearl (Elizabeth City) 1917-1923
     Munden, Harold (Elizabeth City) 1924-1928
    ?McConnell, Ed (Asheville) 1914-?
    ?McCormick, Grady (Dobson) 1900-1902
    ?McCormick, Clyde (Dobson) 1900-1902
    *McDonald, Nannie Mae (Jonesboro) 1896-1898
    *McDonald, Lillian (T.B. Jenkins) (Jonesboro) (Dec. 10-17-59) 1896-?
     McDonald, Marion (Hood) (Jonesboro) 1898-?
    ?McFee, Chas. (Asheville) 1919-1926
    ?McFee, Carson (Asheville) 1919-1925
     McKimmey, John A. (Camden) 1923-1930
     McKimmey, Thomas C. (Camden) 1923-1931
     McKinney, Mamie (Marston Carswell) (Altpass-Spruce Pine) 1912-1918
     McKinney, Walter L. (Spruce Pine) 1912-1916
     McKinney, Vester M. (Spruce Pine) 1912-1918
     McKinney, Aitha (Sam Arrington) (Spruce Pine) 1913-1924
     McKinney, Ressie  (W.M. Taylor) (Spruce Pine) 1913-?
     McKinney, Minnie (Zelza McCoury) (no further information)
     McKinney, Nellie (A.C. Owens) (Spruce Pine) 1913-1926
    *McKinney, Chas. Malone (Bakersville) (Dec. 1915) 1912-1914
     McKinney, Ralph Leslie (Bakersville) 1912-?
     McKinney, John Arnold (Bakersville) 1912-? 
    ?McKaskill, Frank (Stayed about 3 months) 1917-1917
    ?McKaskill, Ethel (Stayed about 3 months) 1917-1917
     McIntosh, Evelyn (Wm. A. Hyatt) (Waynesville) 1901-1902
    *McIntosh, Caroline Louise (Waynesville) (Dec. 4-16-59) 1901-1906
    *McIntosh, Anna E. (L.L. Hickey) (Dec. 1956) (Waynesville) 1901-1906
     Noblin, Sudie Mae (W.R. Hanchey) (Mt. Olive) 1910-1918
     Noblin, Sallie Belle (W. Vester Westmoreland) (Mt. Olive) 1910-1919
     Noblin, Rosamund (Fred Brock) (Mt. Olive) 1910-1920
     Noblin, Nannie (W.J. Bryan) (Mt. Olive) 1910-1922
    *Noblin, Chas. J. (Mt. Olive) 1910-1924 
     O'Briant, Betty Mae (Taylor) (Durham) 1923-1929
     O'Briant, Ada (R.C. Harlow) (Durham) 1924-1936
     O'Briant, Lydia (Hall) 1927-1938 
     O'Briant, Berkie (Durham) 1923-1931
     O'Brian, Bessie (Reeves) (Durham) 1927-1939
     Odell, Walter (Salisbury) 1900-1909
    *Odell, Everet E. (Salisbury) 1900-1909
     Olive, Ruth (T.J. Robbins) (Durham) 1926-1926
    *Owens, Daisy (N.P. Arnold) (Elizabeth City) (Dec. 1936) 1914-?
     Owens, Appolos (Elizabeth City) 1914-1924
     Payne, Velma (H.G. Gentry) 1923-1929
     Payne, Gordon (Proctor) 1923-1930
     Payne, Lola (W.C. Van Hook) (Proctor) 1923-1933
     Payne, Stella (W.J. Struble) (Proctor) 1923-1935
    ?Peal, Joe F. (Bethel) 1899-1900
    ?Phillips, Jennie Alice (Wilmington) 1897-1901
    ?Phillips, Seth (Wilmington) 1898-1904
    ?Phillips, Lula Mae (Wilmington) 1898-1907
    ?Phillips, Richard A. (Wilmington) 1901-1907
    *Pickett, Leroy (Wilmington) 1906-1909
    *Radford, Victor (Asheville) (Died at Home) 1917-?
    *Radford, Ross (Asheville) (Dec. 11-12-69) 1922-1930
     Radford, H. Olive (Asheville) 1917-1928
     Radford, Mazel (W.O. Berry) (Asheville) 1922-1932
     Radford, Kenneth (Asheville) 1917-1930
    ?Raney, John (Rocky Mt.) 1900-1910
    *Raney, Bettie (Wm. P. Bryant) (Rocky Mt.) 1899-1907
    ?Raney, Mae (G.F. Bear) (Rocky Mt.) 1899-1906
    *Ralph, Grady (Edenton) (Dec. 1-24-64) 1903-1909
     Ralph, Wm. (Edenton) 1903-1907
    *Rich, Elizabeth (W. Oscar Hundley) (Asheville) (Dec. 2-11-66) 1912-1920
    *Richardson, Vollie (Whiteville) 1915-?
    *Richardson, Zachary "Jack" (Joe E. Rose) (Dec. 11-29-65) (Whiteville) 1915-1919
     Richardson, Rosa Mae (Edwin Amall) (Whiteville) 1915-1927
    *Robbins, Pauline (Henrietta) 1910-1914
     Robbins, Ida (Simmons) (Henrietta) 1910-?
    *Roberson, Otis (Burlington) (Dec. 1929) 1906-1909
    *Roberson, Glister (R.F. Ziglar) (Burlington) (Dec. 1-8-69) 1907-1912
     Roberson, Agnes (Larson) (Burlington) 1906-1915
     Roberts, Estelle (W.O. Temple) (Elizabeth City) 1918-1924
     Roberts, Susie (Clarence Raper) (Elizabeth City) 1919-1926
    ?Rochelle, Katie (Jacksonville, N.C.) 1898-1899
    ?Rochelle, Eva (Jacksonville) 1898-1899
    ?Rogers, Oscar (Hope Mills) 1919-1926
    *Rose, Mamie (Taylor) (Clinton) (Dec. 1917) 1902-1909
    *Rose, Robert (Clinton) 1902-1907
     Rose, Fannie (M.R. Bell) (Clinton) 1902-1910
     Rose, Joe (Clinton) 1902-1914
     Rose, Macon (Makleyville) 1902-1903
     Rose, Annie (Norman Hudson) (Makleyville) 1902-1903
     Rose, Willie (Jonnie Pullum) (Proctor) 1921-1929
     Rose, Elizabeth (E.F. Hall) (Proctor) 1921-1929
     Rose, Audrey (Hayden) (Proctor) 1923-1930
    *Sales, Gurney (Tom McGraw) (Biltmore) (Adopted by O'Berry) 1902-1904
    *Sanders, Cecil (Old Fort) 1914-?
    *Seabolt, Edgar (Randleman) (Married Annie May) 1909-1916
     Seabolt, Jesse (Randleman) 1900-1918
    *Sharp, Hazel (Wilmington) 1906-1909
    *Sharp, Lawrence (Wilmington) 1906-1909
     Sharp, Fanita (E.F. Bradshaw) (Wilmington) 1906-1909
     Shaw, Louise (Jasper Riggan) (Jonesboro) 1909-1919
     Shaw, Tate J. (Jonesboro) 1909-1921
     Shaw, Velma (Jonesboro) 1910-1921
    *Sheppard, Vaughn (Canton) 1923-1931
     Sheppard, Cyril (Canton) 1923-1928
     Sheppard, Charles (Canton) 1923-1932
     Sheppard, Calvin S. (Canton) 1923-1930
    ?Smith, Jennette (Winterville) 1917-?
    ?Smith, Joseph (Wilmington) 1923-1925
     Snell, Gladys (J.G. Best) (South Creek) 1908-1918
    *Snell, Clyde (South Mills) (Dec. 11-5-67) 1908-1917
    *Snell, Ottis (South Mills) (Dec. 1-11-68) 1908-1918
    *South, Florence (Taylor) (Zionville) (Dec. 1956) 1907-1914
     South, Della (E.E. Wright) 1907-?
    ?Spencer, Clark (Waynesville) 1905-1908 
    *Spruill, John "Cat" (Elizabeth City) (Drowned-Car wreck) 1904-1910
     Spruill, Chas. B. (Elizabeth City) 1904-1912
     Spruill, Wm. N. (Columbia) 1912-1913
     Stanford, John (Patterson) 1914-1925
     Stanford, Nellie (Jim Wainscott) (Patterson) 1914-1923
     Stanley, Roy J. (Elizabeth City) 1909-1917
    *Stanley, Lizzie Mae (R.C. Tomlinson) (Elizabeth City) (Dec. 11-24-70) 1909-1919
    *Stewart, Wm. Oscar (Mt. Airy) (Buried Home Plot Goldsboro) 1893-?
    *Stewart, Minnie (Mt. Airy) (Buried Home Plot Goldsboro) 1893-1900
    *Stewart, Samuel (Mt. Airy) (Buried Home Plot, Goldsboro) 1903-1906
    *Stewart, Margaret (Mt. Airy) (Buried Home Plot, Goldsboro) 1893-?
    ?Stewart, James M. (Jonesville) 1901-1902
    *Stewart, Maggie B. (Pilot Mt., N.C.) 1902-1902
    *Stewart, Chas. H. (Pilot Mt., N.C.) 1902-1903
     Stikes, Middie (H.H. Craig) (Summitt) 1910-1920
    *Stikes, Teddy James (Summitt) (Dec. 1967) 1910-?
    *Stikes, Teress (W.F. Hester) (Summitt) 1910-1920
    *Stikes, Vaughn (Summitt) (Dec. 9-12-63) 1910-?
    *Stout, Ruth (Aaron Thomas Bowen) (Elk Park) (Dec. 5-13-60) 1908-1918
    ?Stout, Willie (Elk Park) 1908-?
     Stout, Lourana Belle (Elk Park) 1908-1918
     Stout, Joe H. (Elk Park) 1911-1924
    *Strickland, Herbert (Wilmington) (Dec. 1951) 1902-1908
    *Strickland, Jacob W. (Wilmington) (Dec. 8-23-68) 1909-1923
     Strickland, Ivy B. (Wilmington) 1911-1924
    *Suggs, Leonard (Whiteville) (Dec. 1963) 1907-1909
    *Suggs, Robert S. (Whiteville) (Dec. 1965) 1907-1913
     Suggs, Naomi (J.R. Rawls) (Whiteville) 1907-1916
    *Suther, Anna (H. Norward) (Concord) (Dec. 7-2-34) 1902-1914
    *Suther, Evelyn (Bert Griffin) (Concord) (Dec. 12-4-57) 1902-1915
     Suther, Virginia (D.J. Whickard) (Concord) 1902-1915
     Suther, John (Concord) 1907-?
     Taylor, Eleanor (Preston Daye) (Oxford) 1914-1922
    *Taylor, Juanita (J.H. Stout) (Oxford) (Dec. 1-1-57) 1914-1924
     Thigpen, Helen Mae (R.C. Stieringer) (Kinston) 1914-1924
     Thomas, Preston (Bakersville) 1907-1912
     Thomas, Lida (J.W. Duncan) (Bakersville) 1907-1916
     Thomas, L. Carper "Moon" (Bakersville) 1907-1918
     Thomas, Clifton 1912-1925
    *Thomas, Horace C. (Bakersville) (Dec. 6-10-66) 1907-1914
    *Thomas, Crawford (Bakersville) (Dec. 3-28-70) 1907-1915
    *Thomson, Jasper (Washington) (Dec. 1917 Killed in France WW 1) 1906-1909
    *Thomason, Bonner (Washington) (Dec. 2-26-64) 1906-1910
    *Thomason, Lawrence (Washington) 1906-1910
    ?Thompson, Julia (Wilmington) 1896-1900
    *Thompson, Bertha (Geo. Waters) (Haw River) (Dec. 5-23-65) 1906-1913
    *Thompson Bryant (Haw River) 1906-1915
     Thompson, Alfred "Shag" (Haw River) 1906-1911
     Thompson, Minnie (Raymond Sowers) (Poplar Branch) 1921-1926
     Thompson, Clarence (Poplar Branch) 1921-1928
     Thompson, Clark (Poplar Branch) 1921-1930
    *Thompson, Lucian (Poplar Branch) (Missing in action 9-1942 WW 2) 1921-1931
    ?Tooley, Davis A. (Tarboro) (Stayed 4 days) 1910-1910
    ?Tooley, Jefferson (Tarboro) (Stayed 4 days) 1910-1910
    ?Thrower, Arthur L. (Mt. Holly) 1911-?
    ?Thrower, Erwin G. (Mt. Holly) 1911-?
     Triplett, Magie (M.T. Gwatney) (Lenoir) 1924-1932
    *Tripp, Thomas (Robersonville) (Dec. 1905) 1898-1900
    ?Tripp, Vara (Robersonville) 1899-1906
     Tuttle, Wm. Jackson (Winston Salem) 1925-1930
     Tuttle, Margie (Chas. A. Peterson) (Winston Salem) 1925-1932
     Twiford, Essie Mae (Cain) (Elizabeth City) 1915-1917
    ?Varner, Dewey (Randleman) 1912-?
    ?Varner, Henry (Randleman) 1912-?
     Walker, Katie (C.G. Linn) (Landis) 1910-1924
     Walker, Frank (Landis) 1912-1924
    ?Walker, Robert Lee (Landis) 1910-1914
    *Walker, Sadie (Rocky Mt.) (Dec. 10-10-71 by car wreck) 1912-1919
     Walker, Mary (Alden Fleming) (Rocky Mt.) 1912-1916
     Warren, Annie Ruth (Cecil Miller) (Wilkesboro) 1908-1908
     Warren, Jessie Valley (J.F. Bumgarner) (Wilkesboro) 1908-1908
    *Watson, Zeno (Aurora) (Dec. 1910) 1895-1898
    *Watson, Sadie (Aurora) 1895-1898
    ?Watson, Paul H. (Mayesville) 1908-1914
    ?Weathers, Vada McGee (Winston Salem) 1900-1901
    *Weathers, Arthur (Winston Salem) 1900-1901
     West, Almond (Hope Mills) 1912-?
     West, Henry (Hope Mills) 1912-?
     Westmoreland, Dora (J.D. Pike) (Pinnacle) 1909-1915
     Westmoreland, Nora (A.R. Hooker) (Pinnacle) 1910-1919
     Westmoreland, Martha (Ray Wooding) (Pinnacle) 1909-1921
     Westmoreland, Minnie (R.J. Mayberry) (Pinnacle) 1919-1924
     Westmoreland, Mary (A.E.A. Hudson) (Pinnacle) 1919-1924
    *Westmoreland, Wm. Vestal "Rabbit" (Pinnacle) (Dec. 5-21-67) 1910-1918
    *Westmoreland, Beulah (Pinnacle) (Dec. 2-22-29) 1909-1919
    *Westmoreland, Annie (Pinnacle) (Dec. 5-20-66) 
     Whitehead, Lillie Mae (M.A. Coudle) (Durham) 1911-1915
     Whitehead, Claborne (Durham) 1911-1916
    *Whitehead, Joe T. (Durham) (Dec. 12-20-68) 1911-1917
    *Whitman, Norwood (Warsaw) (Dec. 12-25-57) 1906-1908
    *Wiggins, Hortense (Russell Barnes) (Dec. 6-25-70) (Weldon) 1916-1923
     Wiggins, Helen (J.W. Neely) (Weldon) 1916-1925
     Williams, Bessie (R.O. Malo) (Elizabeth City) 1898-1910
     Williams, Annie (Enoch Bateman) (Elizabeth City) 1898-1907
     Williams, Lillie Mae (S.M. Rowell) (Elizabeth City) 1903-1910
    *Williams, Charlie (Elizabeth City) (Dec. 1954) 1901-1909
     Wilson, Pearl (Micaville) 1919-1927
     Wilson, Claude B. (Micaville) 1919-1927
     Wilson, Clarence (Micaville) 1919-1928
     Wolfe, Forrest (Rocky Mt.) 1925-1932
     Wolfe, Lottie (Rocky Mt.) 1926-1932
     Woods, Maggie M. (Oscar Ray) (Durham) 1914-1918
    *Woods, Hubert (Killed by car near creek, Goldsboro 1917) (Durham) 1914-1917
    *Woodard, W.S. (May 9, 1892 First Family) (Raleigh) 1892-1898
    *Woodard, Myrtle C. (May 9, 1892 First Family) (Raleigh) 1892-?
    *Woodard, Geo. (May 9, 1892 First Family, died 12-4-72) (Raleigh) 1892-?
    *Woodard, Lavernia (May 9, 1892 First Family, died 12-69) (Raleigh) 1892-?
    ?Wyatt, Walter (Spruce Pine) 1919-1924
    ?Wyatt, Mae (Spruce Pine) 1919-1924
    ?Wyatt, Maude (Spruce Pine) 1919-1924
     Wyatt, Robena (Anderson) (N. Wilkesboro) 1922-1928
    *Wyatt, Golda (N. Wilkesboro) 1922-1930
     Wyatt, Zola (Raymond Minton) (N. Wilkesboro) 1922-1930         
    Old Map of Home Grounds
    Odd Fellows Home
    Odd Fellows Home
    Does anyone recognize any of these people ?
    I.O.O.F. Children's Home
    Park Hill School
    The Park Hill School is typical of rural schools in Wayne County at the turn of the century. This building was erected in 1911 about 1/4 mile east of Selah Church on land deeded by Nathan Bishop and Sarah Wilson Cox. It was the third Park Hill School building in that location. This building was moved to Waynesborough Village and restored by the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and is considered their State Museum. The Neuse Odd Fellows Lodge was chartered at Waynesborough in 1845, and is still an active lodge meeting regularly in Goldsboro. The pier that the house sits on contains marble slabs original to the Odd Fellows Orphanage formerly located in Herman Park on Ash Street.

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