Barnes-Rose Families

    Contributed by Stewart Barnes

    Ernest Howard Barnes
    Ernest Howard Barnes was born February 14, 1885 in Goldsboro, Wayne County. He was the son of Thomas Whitley Barnes (1861-1892) and Sarah Ophelia Rose (1863-1936). Other children were George Herbert - born 1889 and married to Sadie Fitzgerald, and Bessie Pauline - born 1886 and married to Thomas Coleman. In the 1900 Federal Census the family was living in Grantham Township. This photo of my Grandfather was taken around 1900.
    Sarah Ophelia Rose Daughter of George Pinkney & Nancy Brent Rose
    Bessie Pauline Barnes Daughter of Thomas W. and Sarah Ophelia Rose Barnes
    Barnes-Rose Family Reunion
    The group photo is thought to be a Barnes and Rose Family Reunion. It belonged to Sarah Ophelia Rose Barnes, and was in her trunk along with many other photographs taken in Goldsboro. In the center of the front row is Joel Leander Rose and wife Molly Stafford Rose to his right, and around him are some of his immediate family: Emma who married Grover Hood; Kirby who married Ruth King; Myrtie who married Howard Beasley; Nannie who married Clarence Grantham; David who married Janet Conway; Esther who married Marvin Davis; James who married Maude Dunn; Horense who married John Jinnette; Hubert who married Alice Catledge; Joel who married Fannie Ivey; Rachael who married Herman Westbrook; John Parks and Hugh who married Minnie Radford.
    Unknown Family Photos
    If anyone has any biographical information on this family, please email me to add to this page.

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