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Wayne County Veterans of the Civil War

THE GREAT WAR 1861-1865

The following pages are dedicated to all of our Wayne County Civil War Veterans. If you have a veteran that fought in the Civil War and lived in Wayne County please send me their name, regiment, company, as well as any pictures or other information on them and I will be happy to add a page for them!

There were many Regiments and Soldiers that fought in the War, and many lives were lost. The families they left behind suffered and endured many hardships while their "men" were out fighting. Before the War began most people said it would only take a month. They were sorely mistaken thinking this to be an "easy" war. The Yankees were a lot tougher than our Southern Boys thought they would be.

If you have a Roster of a unit that was from Wayne County, please send it to me and I will get it added to this site. I want to make this as complete and as accurate as I can, so if you find an error, please let me know!

Here are a few of the Veteran's dedications that have been sent in. I have more to add, and please keep sending them!

  • Civil War Enlistees

  • Matthew M. Jones Sr.

  • Barnabas S. King

  • Newman Potts Jones

  • Peter McDonald

  • John H. Powell

  • William Rose

  • George V. Strong

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